Our Services

KLS Surveying provides the following land surveying services...

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is performed in order to establish the boundaries of a tract of land using the recorded legal description, record surveys and other supporting information. The survey typically involves establishing or reestablishing monuments or markers at the corners of the subject tract. A map or plat is then drafted from the field data and recorded at the County Surveyors Office to provide a representation of the tract surveyed.

Cadastral and Timber Surveying

A key service provided by KLS Surveying, Inc. is the delineation of property lines in areas selected for timber harvest. In addition to a typical boundary survey we specialize in marking the boundaries in rural often rugged terrain. The lines can be marked in a variety of way to suit your needs including flagging, blazes, tree marking paint, aluminum property line tags, steel or fiberglass posts and wood lath. When we mark your line there will be no question as to where it is.

Property Line Adjustments

When adjoining property owners agree to move or tweak a property line a land use planning application is made with the appropriate governmental agency and upon approval of that application KLS Surveying, Inc. will monument the new line in accordance with the approval and prepare legal descriptions for recording at the County. A map is also filed with the County Surveyor.

Subdivisions and Partitions

A Subdivision Plat divides an existing parcel of land into more than three lots. The exact number and location of lots is determined by local zoning and the lay of the land. Once the subdivision application has been approved by the appropriate government authorities, the surveyor sets monuments to delineate the new lots and roadways. A Partition Plat is like a Subdivision Plat, except that a partition may only divide an existing parcel into 2 or 3 new parcels within a calendar year. The recording or filing of a Subdivision or Partition Plat is highly regulated by the state, county and/or local municipalities. Subdivisions and Partition involve extensive land use planning and may take several years to complete from start to finish.

Land Use Planning

The counties and municipalities in Oregon require planning for most land development and land use changes. An application with related information is submitted to the proper agency for review. Depending on the type of development or land use change, this process may take little more than filling out an application form and paying a fee. Larger projects like subdivisions require approval from many agencies and can take a considerable amount of time to get all the proper approvals. KLS Surveying, Inc. specializes in rural land use planning in Columbia and Washington Counties. We also work with other planners all across NW Oregon on larger projects like subdivisions and commercial developments. In many cases we provide support and information that allow our clients to submit their own planning applications, which can be a big savings to the client.


An "ALTA Survey", as it is most often called, is a land survey that meets the specifications set forth in the ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Standards. This type of survey is specifically designed to satisfy lenders, title companies, attorneys and other corporations when dealing with valuable commercial properties. An ALTA survey illustrates property improvements, easements, rights-of-way, and any other elements impacting the ownership of land. An ALTA Survey is most often prepared for commercial properties. The purpose is to provide the title company with the information required to insure the title to the land and improvements to the high degree that a commercial development may require.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey depicts a particular tract of land in varying degrees of detail. It may only include the contour of the land or may be of very high detail. Most topographic survey work is preformed in conjunction with another survey function, such as planning for a subdivision or an ALTA Survey as described above.

Property and Easement Descriptions

Often called a "legal description", this service may or may not require a physical survey of the parcel or easement to be described. This document provides a specific description of a parcel of land or easement and is usually used for conveyance to another party in conjunction with an appropriate deed or easement form.

Elevation Certificates (FEMA)

A survey which completes an Elevation Certificate Form by FEMA which is used when Flood Insurance is purchased and demonstrates the vertical relationship between the buildings and the base flood elevation (if defined). New construction within special flood hazard areas are required to conform to local zoning ordinances and a flood elevation certificate is often required to determine how to conform and that conformance has been attained.

Mortgage Certificates

A mortgage certificate, sometimes referred to as a "foundation survey", may be required by a lender when purchasing a home. In providing a mortgage certificate the surveyor ensures the lender that the existing dwelling is on the property, by showing the relation between the dwelling and one or more property corners.

Construction Staking

Construction staking is generally part of a larger project such as staking utilities and streets being built as part of a subdivision. KLS Surveying, Inc. also provides staking of new homes or for ensuring that a fence is built on the property line.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS involves mapping geospatial data, collecting attribute data associated with the geospatial data, and performing geospatial and statistical analysis on that data. KLS Surveying, Inc. has made a considerable investment in GIS technologies and is using these new capabilities to provide better land surveying services, as well as providing advanced GIS services specializing in Columbia County.

Advanced Mapping and Cartograhpy

Along with GIS, KLS offers advanced mapping and cartography for the visual representation of geospatial and statistical information. These services include classic paper map design and production, geographic data files for use with popular platforms such as Google Earth, and custom web mapping application development and deployment.